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I am a graphic designer, illustrator, artist and author. I have been creating charts, maps, diagrams and illustrations, and designing page layouts for over 45 years. I create life drawings and painted sculptures of barns. I write non-fiction (published nationally and internationally) and fiction (performed and read locally – so near, so far). My work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2014 and 2015.

Extended version!

I left school aged 16 with just a few GCE qualifications and a strong interest in art. I spent three years working in HM Land Registry as a plans assistant, learning basic hand-lettering and technical line drawing skills. I then joined Diagram, a newly formed graphics studio and there I learned airbrush and technical illustration skills, visualization and design skills.

In the early 1980s, I left to set up a new computer graphics business –  unsuccessfully (the technology was still in its infancy) – followed by a brief period of freelance working before setting up a studio in partnership with a former colleague. Despite his untimely death some five years later, I managed to keep the practice going. Currently operating from a home studio (and with the unstinting support of my colleague of 25+ years), I continue to service UK and international clients.

Over the past ten years I have returned more and more frequently to purely ‘creative’ work, attending regular life drawing classes and concentrating on the creation of ‘barn’ art pieces. These latter are representations of barns, cut from solid blocks of wood – oak, pine, lime, and sapele – which are then painted, usually with acrylic. Sizes vary but are usually between 15cm and 30cm in length. There are three current series – artists’ barns (painted in the style of particular artists whose work I admire); barn portraits (which are painted realistically to represent actual barns I have seen); and general barns where I paint realistically in a generic treatment to represent a style of barn (e.g. a black painted barn with a slate tiled roof).

Written work includes writing for a local drama group (mostly comedic pieces), traditional ghost stories for local reading, and some tentative work on larger projects. I have created three successful books on paper airplanes and I am currently working on a new, innovative work of paper flying models.

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