Moving forward

Tomorrow (11 Sept) I shall collect the Old Cricket Field Barn from the Royal Academy. I am not disappointed that it has not sold – I’m not sure I want to part with it. I am already planning submissions for next year’s Summer Exhibition. Collecting it will be a delight, in fact, as I shall be visiting the Joseph Cornell exhibition at the RA with old friend (and computer graphic pioneering colleague Stephen Silver). Bridget Riley’s Barn will be collected by its new owners. It was a challenge to create and I hope it will give them much pleasure.

Several new works are being worked on, including Vincent van Gogh’s Barn – a work in progress with still some way to go.

A work in progress with some way to go.
A work in progress with some way to go.

Meanwhile, our back garden is being rearranged (garden shed moved –thanks to George W and Felix B, with help from Julie and me) so that a workshop can be installed allowing me to create more sawdust – and barns. Creative work has taken a back seat lately with the intensity of design work over the summer. Ahead lie several writing workshops and life drawing classes (to attend), two local exhibitions and an invitation to talk about my experiences of graphic design in publishing. Also working on more paper aircraft projects which have interest from a couple of publishers.

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